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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 14, 2013 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, giant jackpot. there is no winner. so, the mega millions rolls over for a 21st time. will it be a record-breaking windfall if you're the next lucky winner? rocky mountain horror. a student with a shotgun and explosive devices opens fire at his colorado high school near columbine. sending students scrambling and bringing back memories of the massacre. so, what set him off? and who was the target of his revenge? whiteout. a giant snowstorm spanning 1,000 miles. from the midwest to the northeast, with more than 100 million americans in its path this weekend. who will get hit the hardest? ♪ merry christmas
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and christmas jammies jamming. the hilarious video gone viral. the family of four, wrapping up all they did during the year. good morning, everybody. we've got some breaking news. if you played the lottery overnight, you are not an instant millionaire. there was no winner. there is a reason why ron claiborne showed up to work today. >> we're the debbie downers of morning television this morning. you didn't win. no one won. here are the winning numbers in that mega millions jackpot. you see them on your screen right now. since no one hit the jackpot, it has now rolled over for the 21st time. the next drawing is tuesday. >> i meant to play those numbers. >> yeah. you would go with 11, right? instead of 12. >> i nailed the megaball. nailed it. >> we're going to have much more on this big story, coming up in
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the show. we're going to start, though, with the big snowstorm, which is either in the process of or about to slam a huge chunk of america. there it is. this monster stretches over 20 states, all the way from the midwest to the northeast. abc's rob nelson is in a very snowy polasky, which is in upstate new york. rob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, dan. it is a balmy seven degrees this morning. much of upstate new york has seen several feet of snow over the past few days. and like much of us along the east coast, they are now bracing for round two of some wicked weather. winter wonderland. how about one of the biggest snowstorms of the year. and it's not even officially winter yet. 20 states from the midwest to the northeast are on alert for snowfall today. upstate new yorkers are digging themselves out of a whopping six feet of snow in redfield. and four feet in coldon. plows and snowblowers are out in full force, after the monster
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snowfall left residents riding their snowmobiles instead of cars. >> it's snow. a bus load. you're bound to have snow sooner or later. >> reporter: in missouri, snow and ice caused treacherous roads that caused accidents. >> the back roads are ice and snow. it makes it hard to drive on and everything. >> reporter: they've begun their preparation process, filling up trucks with salt and brine early friday, in anticipation of the weekend weather. nine inches in erie, pennsylvania. almost six inches in southern iowa. and 6 1/2 inches of snowfall and counts throughout central illinois. getting enough to cover this football field right before a high school playoff game. and look at this. temperatures getting so cold in new hampshire, firefighters had to fight fire with ice, literally. watch as they try to hose down this fire, only to have the water freeze and coat the building in ice. but a storm is a-brewing.
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preparation in major cities such as new york, philadelphia and chicago, has already begun. the new york area has a feet of 1,800 plow trucks ready to go when the snow starts to fall. >> we're prepared for almost everything. >> if it's 5:00 a.m. or 8:00 a.m., whenever it starts, we'll be out there. >> reporter: the folks here in upstate new york, they're used to long winters. they're used to big storms. for the rest of us on the east coast, we know we're in store for a pretty messy weekend. bianna? >> a messy weekend, indeed. as rob said, it's not even officially winter yet. we're happy to have wabc's lee goldberg back with us this morning. you've been tracking this massive storm, lee. this is going to be a messy weekend for a huge portion of the country. >> no doubt. winter's a week away. mother nature is ignoring the calendar the entire month. you have 22 states showing advisories or warnings. the biggest collection in the interior northeast, where we see some of the heaviest totals. the storm center is right here.
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here's a picture from st. louis. light to moderate snowfall right now. two-inch to four-inch snowfall throughout the day. the snow is extending into cincinnati, cleveland, detroit, pittsburgh. even some dustings have reached the new york city area. we'll probably see about four inches in new york. cleveland, midday. but as the storm shifts to the coast and strengthens, we see biggest snows along i-90, into upstate new england. and the rain/snow line, that's getting to new york city about 9:00 or 10:00 today. gets to boston too late. probably a six-inch storm there. the computer model frost showing three to six inches. detroit, cleveland, a four-inch storm in new york. and six inches or more in the boston area. impressive amounts. but nothing like the snow in jerusalem. more on that in our weather segment. dan? >> did you just say snow in jerusalem? >> there's a tease. >> yes, exactly. i'm eager to hear about that. thank you, lee. we have more details on the school shooting in colorado on friday. an eerie flashback to columbine. taking place one day before the year anniversary of sandy hook.
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we have a picture of the young shooter now, a senior. we know more about his arsenal, the intended target. and the heroism displayed inside that school in the midst of this crisis. abc's clayton sandell is in centennial, colorado. good morning. clayton, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. this entire school behind me is a crime scene. investigators working all night to find out what happened here when a gunman, a students gunman walked through the doors, making no effort to hide his shotgun. the terror began at 12:33 p.m. >> shotgun shell on the ground. assuming they have a shotgun. >> reporter: when police say 18-year-old karl pierson, a senior, walked into his school for the last time. investigators say pierson had one target, tracy murphy, the school librarian. >> the kid went after him, specifically. he wanted to kill him. >> reporter: murphy runs the school debate team. abc affiliate kmgh tv reports that pierson was recently kicked off the team. >> this shooting was a result of
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revenge on the part of the shooter, because of a confrontation or a disagreement. >> reporter: in the chaos, a 15-year-old girl was shot in the head. >> i have a student down in the athletic hall. she is bleeding. >> reporter: she is now in critical condition. but what murphy did next may have saved many more lives. knowing he was the target -- >> i believe it was a very wise, tactical decision for him to remove himself from the school. >> reporter: about five minutes after it all began, as officers closed in, police say pierson shot himself. >> the suspect has been found inside the school. and he has deceased. >> reporter: overnight, murphy, the librarian, left his home, declining to talk. >> you doing okay? >> reporter: at the same time, bomb squads and investigators began searching the home where police say pierson lived with his mother. this is just the latest high-profile shooting for colorado, just 15 miles from last year's movie theater
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massacre in aurora. and only eight miles from columbine high school. the headline in this morning's "denver post," again. did you think this would happen at your kids' school? >> to be honest, there is hardly a day that goes by when they leave that i don't have a fleeting thought about that. >> reporter: now, at this point, investigators say that pierson, who was not only armed with a shotgun, but also a couple of molotov cocktails, was acting alone. today is the first anniversary of the shootings at newtown, connecticut. at this point, they do not believe they were connected. just a coincidence. >> a coincidence. and that headline says it all. again. clayton, our thanks to you. we're going to switch gears and turn to the $550 million jackpot up for grabs. there was no winner overnight in the mega millions lottery, which sent the jackpot to a near-record high. the next drawing comes tuesday night. and millions of americans will be vying for the chance to pick the winning numbers, just in time for christmas.
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abc's linzie janis is in new york city. one of many spots across the country with lottery fever. hey, linzie. >> reporter: can you believe it? an unlucky friday the 13th. that's despite the fact that organizers say they sold 40% more tickets than they thought they would. in fact, here in new york state, where we are, there were $500,000 worth of tickets sold every hour. and still, no winner. this morning -- the gigantic mega millions jackpot is rolling over. rolling all the way to more than $500 million. >> i got the winning ticket. >> reporter: ramping up another round of millions of ticket sales. buyers, hoping to be the lucky one to claim that huge sum. >> you can't win if you don't play. and the odds are the odds. >> reporter: this jackpot is second only to the largest mega millions total in march of 2012, which reached a whopping $656 million. before three ticketholders in kansas, maryland and illinois
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with the windfall. each taking home $218.6 million. >> this is a full-paying job, it looks like. okay? you'd be surprised. >> reporter: but those still hoping to get their hands on some real big money -- >> i would be able to do a lot more. i'd be able to be with my family. and have a much better christmas. >> reporter: a better christmas, indeed. if you won, you'd be able to afford all the gifts in the 12 days of christmas song, nearly 5,000-times over. or the entire neiman marcus fantasy gift catalog, for you and your 90 closest friends. >> it only takes one ticket. it's just all about doing a little dreaming. you may win. you may not win. but i think it's just that brief escape that you get to think about. >> reporter: gearing up for the next drawing this tuesday, it may pay to escape to a different state.
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>> thank you. >> reporter: the winners of the top-ten largest drawings come from maryland, new jersey and new york, most often. but don't pack your suitcase just yet. the odds of winning the now-huge $550 million jackpot are still 1 in 259 million. so, tuesday is the big day now. that jackpot, the fourth-largest in history. by the time we get to that draw, though, it could be the largest in mega millions history, ever. there were some winners, overnight. nine people matched five numbers to claim $1 million each. i'd take that. >> maybe they can afford a partridge and a pear tree now. >> that's right. >> you never know. >> how do you put a price on a partridge in a pear tree? how do we come up with the numbers? i question the math. linzie, thank you very much. we appreciate it. there were other stories developing overnight. for that, we go over to mr. ron claiborne.
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>> hello, mr. dan harris and bianna golodryga. good morning to you. good morning, everyone. a kansas man is in custody this morning, facing federal terror charges. he's charged with plotting to blow up a local airport. he allegedly drove a van he thought was packed with explosives to the wichita airport on friday. he worked at that airport. but the supposed bomb, what he thought was a bomb, was actually a fake. part of an fbi sting operation. >> terry lowan was real. and he was committed to executing this plan. >> authorities were alerted to the plot by comments he posted on the internet about jihad. he is believed to have acted alone. a white house tribute today, honoring the victims killed at sandy hook elementary school, in newtown, connecticut, exactly one year ago. president obama and the first lady, marking the anniversary by lighting a candle for each of the 26 victims. the first couple then observed a
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moment of silence. residents in newtown, plan to memorial the victims in private events today. and a bird strike forced a las vegas-bound plane to make an emergency landing in stockton, california. the plane hit the bird while taking off from the stockton airport. it immediately turned around and landed there safely. though, it was scary for the passengers. >> all i could see was a circle of feathers, hitting the front of the engine. >> what's going on? just make it there alive. >> the passengers were delayed six hours in stockton before finally being put on a plane to vegas. finally, a real-life grinch. this thief caught swiping, allegedly, christmas trees. and it was caught on camera. surveillance cameras rolling in new bedford, massachusetts. a woman trying to load trees into her pickup truck. you see it right there. when a worker confronts her, she had a change of heart and offers to pay for the trees. too late.
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the guy called the cops. and the cops got her. >> did she think people wouldn't see that? >> who knows what she was thinking. but she did offer to pay for them. >> coming up next on "gma," inside the mind of a criminal. thank you, ron. appreciate it. we are heading into a big and potentially very complicated night for college football. the heisman trophy will be handed out to the year's best player tonight. the odds-on favorite to win, florida state's jameis winston. he was cleared from a rape case. but now, there's a new twist that could reopen this investigation. and lindsay czarniak from our sister station, espn, is here this morning. good morning. >> reporter: jameis winston, he is so talented on the field. he's so charismatic as a leader, it's tough to believe he's just a freshman. if he wins the most prestigious award in college football tonight, he will have done so despite the investigation that could have derailed his heisman hopes. there's little doubt florida state star jameis winston will win the heisman trophy. but at the same pre-heisman news
7:15 am
conference, where the quarterback posed and smiled friday, winston, once again answered questions about the sexual assault investigation he was cleared of. >> i knew i did nothing wrong. i knew that i would respect the process. and i'd eventually be vindicated. >> reporter: hours before, patricia caroll, the lawyer for winston's accuser, held a news conference of her own. >> this doesn't strongly ring of an investigation of rape victim, rather than a rape suspect, i don't know what does. >> reporter: accusing the detectives of mishandling the investigation. and demanding the attorney general investigate the tallahassee police. in a response to abc news, a spokesperson for governor rick scott's office released this statement, saying, that is not going to happen. the state attorney's office and fdle did a thorough investigation of this case. and they concluded that no further action on this matter is required. caroll claims detectives did not interview key witnesses, used incomplete forensic tests and said they never tested the alleged victim's blood for date
7:16 am
rape drugs. >> she couldn't remember what happened. immobility. completely consistent with a date rape drug. >> the legal issues go on. in terms of the heisman, sadly, it will have no impact on that. >> reporter: the nation's top college quarterback, now gearing up for what will likely be his next big win, taking home the heisman. >> i'll have a smile on my face. i'm glad the whole thing is over. >> reporter: if winston wins tonight, he will become the youngest player to ever win the heisman trophy. next up for winston, leading his team in the national championship game, january 6th, against auburn, which happens to be his 20th birthday. >> we'll be watching closely tonight. >> absolutely. >> thank you. we're going to turn to prince harry's trekking triumph. braving the frigid tundra, on a 200-mile journey to the south pole, all in the name of charity. celebrating the accomplishment of his expedition where temperatures dipped way below zero. abc's bob woodruff, who interviewed harry on his trek to
7:17 am
the north pole, has all the details. >> reporter: more than 200 miles, temperatures below zero. 12 wounded veterans made their way to the south pole, along with prince harry, the military pilot who has served twice in afghanistan. >> we all had hopes. and all in all, mission success. >> reporter: also on this voyage, the "true blood" star, alexander skarsgard. >> it's been the most incredible adventure of my life. >> it's been very, very tough. we have everything from a blind guy to a double-amputee on the team. and everyone made it. >> reporter: i did have the opportunity to travel with prince harry on his previous arctic trip to the north pole. is it okay if i call you prince harry? >> call me whatever you want, bob. can i call you bob? >> reporter: yeah. that sounds good to me. it was for the same organization, walking with the
7:18 am
wounded, a charity that provides rehabilitation services for injured veterans. >> it's a great charity. they're doing fantastic work in trying to help soldiers that have been wounded overseas to come back home. >> reporter: the trip was supposed to be a race to the pole. between the americans and the brits. but because of weather and stress, they canceled the competition, traveling together, instead. >> everyone's feeling a bit tired. but have to get used to the rhythm. >> reporter: now, in rhythm, they are heading home. for "good morning america," i'm bob woodruff, abc news, new york. now, to a story in an entirely different climate. if you're lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard, part of the joy must be looking out the window and seeing people enjoying themselves. >> people like people. like your kids, real-life humans. what you probably don't anticipate is seeing a group of wild bears splashing around. this is a scene one homeowner in florida witnessed. tai hernandez has more. >> reporter: this sight -- >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: giving a florida
7:19 am
woman the shock of her life. right outside her back door, a group of black bears, swimming in her pool. terrified, she called 911 for help. >> two bears are trying to get in the house. i'm so scared. >> reporter: a water hose was all it took to turn the pool into a playground for the trio of bears. they broke through a screened enclosure, jumping into the cool water for some horseplay. the close encounter was caught on video, while she watched the scene unfold in through her living room window. one of the bears coming in for a closer look. >> i'm so scared. they're trying to break my window. i said, get out. i told the bear. i said, get out. don't come inside. >> reporter: for nearly an hour, the animals played in their backyard bear oasis. dipping their toes, spraying themselves with a hose, and rough housing just a bit. fortunately for all, they ran off on their own. this all played out just days
7:20 am
after two bears were euthanized for mauling a woman in central florida. >> people have been complaining about the bears getting into the screened porch. after the dog food. getting into the trash. it happens all over the state. it's not just contained to one area. >> reporter: the florida wildlife commission is considering setting traps to capture these three, swimming bears. wildlife experts usually tell homeowners if they don't return in a week, they're unlikely to come back at all. but the incident has clearly left this florida woman shaken. you can't blame her. >> she has a week to wait. >> yes. >> see if they liked the pool or not. >> she's leaving out water wings for them. >> thank you, tai. time, now, for a check of the weather. and back over to wabc's -- >> i've been hoping to get the word water wings in the broadcast all morning. >> you did. >> it's a lifelong goal for everyone. look at this picture. if you had to guess, where is it from? maybe buffalo, new york? how about jerusalem? this is unbelievable. a week and a half ago, it was the miracle of life.
7:21 am
now, it's the miracle in white. 15 inches of snow. maybe the biggest snow ever in jerusalem. they get a snow every five to seven years. this is snow in syria, even cairo. they barely get an inch of rain in cairo ever year. just remarkable. flooding in gaza, as well. and the cold continues there. back to the states and the warm part of this storm today, shows rainfall that's going into the carolinas, into the southeast. could be severe weather from tallahassee to pensacola. about one to two inches of rainfall. more cold in the upper midwest. this time, not as harsh as we saw earlier in the week. about 5 to 15 degrees below normal. finally moderation out west.
7:22 am
>> i still can't get over the snow in cairo. >> that's amazing. >> those images are great. >> yeah, they are. >> thanks, lee. coming up on "gma," she brings a unique upclose vantage point for the newlywed murder trial. a bridesmaid for the woman who pushed her husband off a cliff tells us how her suspicions were raised. plus, beyonce buzz going strong. her surprise album is a runaway hit. even crashing the itunes website. well, this morning, her fans are making their own videos for queen b.'s top-secret record release.
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on select christmas items at lowe's. [s[man] no one told her,right?a. [son]hi! [mom screams]
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♪ my jammies are a little tight ♪ i believe that's her father. this is going viral. >> the runningman. look at that. >> they're putting their holiday newsletter to song. they're rapping and jamming in their jammies. they're very festive this time of year. >> very impressive. >> lola is adorable. >> we'll be showing you all of that in "pop news." also this morning, on this december 14th, the double-whammy surprise at the zoo. these adorable pandas and the big switch-a-roo, not even zookeepers saw coming. they move slowly. but they do deliver quite a surprise. we'll talk about that, coming up. we're going to begin with the new surprises in that murder trial that shocked the nation. first, newlywed jordan lynn graham pleads guilty of pushing her husband off a cliff after
7:31 am
being married for a little over a week. now, one of her bridesmaids is speaking out about her suspicions and how she felt deceived and recounting the night they found cody johnson's body. abc's ryan owens has more. >> we developed a friendship which was almost entirely based on lies. >> reporter: cecilia knew jordan graham. or at least she thought she did. >> jordan, how are you feeling? >> reporter: cecilia was one of the admitted murderer's bridesmaids. helping celebrate her marriage to cody johnson. a marriage that lasted eight days and ended when graham pushed him face-first off a cliff. cecilia was there the july night his body was discovered in montana's glacier national park. >> and she's calm after that. she didn't seem sad or heartbroken or anything. >> reporter: at the time, cecilia didn't know jordan graham knew where that body had been the whole time. still, she was immediately
7:32 am
suspicious. >> when the ranger asked her why she had went to look at that specific spot, she told him that that was the one place that cody wanted to see before he died. >> reporter: this morning, jordan graham is behind bars after pleading guilty to second-degree murder thursday. >> it was the ultimate plea. >> reporter: prosecutors offered the 22-year-old a plea deal, just as the jury was about to decide her fate. the deal takes first-degree murder off the table. she faces a maximum of life in prison. does she deserve that? >> we're going to go a life sentence without cody. i don't know what price a person has to pay for that. >> reporter: a judge will determine the price this newlywed must pay. she will be sentenced in march. even with the plea deal, she could spend much of the rest of her young life in federal prison. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, montana. >> cody's friends and family hoping she does. let's get it back to ron. a final check of the morning headlines. >> good morning, everyone. in the news, moments of terror inside a colorado high school, as a student opens fire,
7:33 am
wounding a classmate, severely before turning the gun on himself. the alleged shooter, karl pierson, was apparently acting on a grudge against a teacher. a quick-thinking student alerted the teacher who was the target and the teacher made it out unharmed. the 15-year-old victim of that shooting is in critical condition. hundreds of students had to be evacuated from the campus. there was no megawinner in last night's megamillions drawing. the jackpot for the next drawing, which will be tuesday night, climbs to 550 million bucks. and if the game keeps rolling over without a winner, the drawing before christmas could hit the $1 billion mark. and a record sale at christie's auction house. a case of rum from circa 1780 went for almost $128,000. that's more than six-times what it estimated it would fetch. that makes it the oldest and most expensive rum sold in auction history. the history of the universe. it was. covered with grime in a cellular in england, untouched for generations.
7:34 am
it's believed to have been distilled by slaves on the caribbean island, barbados. and a nice story from the world of basketball. zach randolph noticed a young fan trying to get his attention on wednesday night's game. the boy signaled he wanted his warm-up jersey. he pulled it off and handed it to him, making one fan very happy. >> very sweet. >> sara wants my coat. here. later. time, now, for the weather. it's all on you. >> we want to see more of that. well, it's game on now over the midwest into the northeast. the snow's been skipping over chicago. but look at the picture. almost an inch in chicago. and maybe even a couple of inches before the storm is over. there's some higher amounts south and east of chicago.
7:35 am
this is a computer model showing the snowfall. there's the snow in the windy city. a forecast showing where the heaviest snow is. over upstate new york and northern new england. these amounts, very light in philly. the army/navy game. the eagles game got so much snowfall. probably a good three-inch to six-inch storm in new york city. the higher amounts, north and west. and in this area of pink, 10 to the inches of snow in the highest elevations. 10 to 12 inches of snow in the higher elevations. skiers will do very well. there's not a flash freeze in the east. it is cold in minneapolis. 5 tomorrow. 16 in chicago. we continue our moderation out west. 70 in l.a. high wind warnings and fire danger through parts of southern california.
7:36 am
>> this weather has been brought to you by tylenol. >> ron lived up to his word. >> it's the musical chairs of jackets. >> might have to tailor it. >> lee, your best over there. >> i give financial advice, as well as weather. >> chivalry is not dead. coming up on "gma," beyonce's bombshell. >> she shocked everyone with a brand-new album. but some fans had trouble getting their hands on it. and ahead, candy canes with a new twist. we'll play a new game called "guess the flavor" in "pop news," coming up. ♪ ready or not. [ female announcer ] you can be up there. here i come! [ female announcer ] ...down there, around there... and under there for him. tylenol® provides strong pain relief and won't irritate your stomach the way aleve® or even advil® can. but for everything we do, we know you do so much more.
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7:41 am
and the critics are giving beyonce's album rave reviews. ♪ i'm a grown woman i do whatever i want ♪ >> reporter: that's what she did. she rocked the music world in a game-changer and left all of her fans in awe. >> oh, my gosh. i'm freaking out. >> oh, my gosh. there's more than 14 videos. blue ivy's on the record. >> the queen is back. bow down. >> reporter: 14 songs and 17 videos. the album, so popular, it sold over 80,000 copies in just 3 hours. throughout the year, beyonce has had big stages to drop an album. her super bowl halftime show. ♪ or alongside her pepsi commercials this summer. ♪ >> reporter: but beyonce's philosophy this time, no gimmicks, no middleman, all queen b. >> this is her vision. beyonce is fully in control of the beyonce experience.
7:42 am
this is her, like, drop the mic moment and walk offstage. >> i want this to come out from me to my fans. >> reporter: fans finished watching the album, feeling closer to beyonce than ever before. >> it feels like you're getting glimpses of beyonce's diary. it's kind of raw. it's kind of intimate. ♪ perfection is the disease of a nation ♪ >> reporter: collaborating with drake, frank ocean, timber land, justin timberlake. beyonce even shocked fellow celebrities. demi lovato tweeting, beyonce just dropped a surprise album. and katy perry telling the world, don't talk to me today unless it's about beyonce. thanks. beyonce showing all she is the true queen b. if you want to buy the music, you have to get the whole thing. $15.99 for the whole album. have you bought it yet? downloaded it yet?
7:43 am
>> not yet. >> not yet. >> on the spot. >> we were sampling it. >> you're the few in america that have not downloaded the album. >> we're behind the times, consistently. >> we'll do it after the show, reena. >> we're huge losers. coming up here on "gma," it's one of those roles that would seem impossible to fill. who has been tapped to play leslie nielsen's role in a "naked gun" remake? the only thing we have to fear is... fear itself. ♪ they're not freaking out, why arthey're gifing out.? gif-ing out?
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7:48 am
because we can't get enough of a good thing, let's start with comedy franchise, "the naked gun." it's back. in a new remake, ed helms will be taking on the role of the bumbling detective frank drebin, the character made famous by leslie nielsen. it will be written by the team of "night at the museum." and paramount hopes the remake will be just as successful as the first three films. now, an aside, all morning i've been quoting "airplane." don't call me shirley. and producers are like, that's not the same movie. >> wrong movie. >> same actor. those movies were amazing. >> they're epic. they define comedy. next up, a big surprise for the folks at zoo atlanta. dna testing has proved their pandas are girls. cubs were thought to be boys when "good morning america" announced the cubs' names on the program. the zoo says it's not uncommon for this to happen, as pandas don't show external cues of their sex until they're 3 years old. they're somewhat androgynous until that point. the zoo has no plans of changing
7:49 am
their names. so, to think they look like girls. >> is there anything cuter? >> they look like girl pandas. >> those are unisex pandas. >> change sara haines title to zoologist. >> i'm working on a lot of titles right now. now, to the best family video newsletter ever. the family from raleigh, north carolina, put together a christmas video to send to their family and friends, and it's going viral. ♪ check it out we just bought a prius ♪ ♪ it fits us perfectly wearing christmas jammies ♪ >> it makes you wonder, what did you do this christmas? i felt like a bit of an underachiever after watching this. don't worry. it turns out that mom and dad make videos for a living. >> oh, okay. >> we do tv for a living. we should do something like that. >> that's why i'm asking, what did you both do? >> not that.
7:50 am
>> we do tv for a living. >> your kids are on the ball coolness, i want to get your video newsletter. >> what's the next story? i brought treats for everyone this morning. they're not peppermint candy canes. i have five new flavors. some of these may be acquired tastes. everyone taste yours. and we'll go around and see if you can guess the flavor. this is going to be fun for me. >> you like me, sara, right? >> i do like you. i want to hear what lee thinks. >> i don't know. good. good. >> yours is not -- lee, yours is cream cheese frosting. ron, i love you so much, i gave you pickle. >> pickle? >> a pickle-flavored candy cane. >> pickle? >> bianna? >> coffee? >> bacon. >> bacon? >> dan? >> disgusting. that's disgusting. i don't know what it is. >> that was gravy, just for you. and i've got -- yeah. vodka.
7:51 am
>> what did i do to get gravy candy cane? >> it was that or bacon. >> claiborne's right there. you could have given him the gravy. >> it smells like bacon. we'll be back. >> we will be right back. >> i love you so much. >> bacon?
7:52 am
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7:56 am
so, let's briefly recap this morning. we're big losers for not having downloaded beyonce. and a gravy candy cane. >> i have bacon. >> what's worse? pickle. >> no. >> good morning, i'm indicate mars. in about 30 minutes wreaths will be laid at cemeteries to honor veterans. today's ceremony is part of wreaths across america held every year on the second saturday of december. more than 400,000 wreaths will be placed nationwide by more
7:57 am
than 150,000 volunteers. today a thousand south bay families will receive holiday gifts, thanks to the hard work of dozens of people. hundreds of presents have been collected the last few months. last night they wrapped the presents in san jose and today they will distribute them throughout santa clara county. this is the 29th year of the toy drive. and bikers will be hopping on bikes for a cause. bikers from the golden gate harley club will deliver gifts to sick children at the son mattio medical center. donated toys and cash will be collected during registration by begins at 8:30 on harley davidson corey lane in south san francisco. more than 75 motors cycles and passengers are expected to take part in the run. it will be a chilly one for them. let's turn it over to meteorologist lisa argen. >> we see temperatures hovering around freezing. from mt. tam a little haze, but
7:58 am
we have a clear start and another spare the air day. illegal to burn. the warm spot san francisco at 45. look at all the 30s on the peninsula. even in san jose at 35 and the coast is much cooler this morning. so a look from our emeryville camera. you will notice we have the haze again and the poor air quality in the south bay. numbers near 60s today. a look at the stepped outlook coming up. katie. >> lisa, thank you. coming up, the cause of death of a woman found dead in a hospital stairwell after being missing for weeks. why friends say they are angry at the autopsy results. >> out of the office but on the job. some techies
7:59 am
to thoseworried...ited... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage.
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financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at >> good morning. thanks for being with us on there saturday. a quick first look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. several hours ago dense fog in san francisco but a light offshore flow is pushing the fog off the coast. that will aid in our warmup today. we are looking at temperatures pretty chilly with low 30s in the next hour inland with upper 30s around the day. coastline is cold, but near 40. and by the afternoon a slightly warmer day today. it will be hazy, spare the air day. low 50s to mid-50s by noontime and by e


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